cap-presentationArCapfi is an innovative company in the packaging sector, located in the Bay of Arcachon, near Bordeaux, in the Atlantic coast, in France. It markets a funtional device, patented innovation : the CapOmix capsule pod mixer and distributor seal opener, which uses MixCaps capsule pods and does not require electricity, for creating instant mixtures, for various purposes. The CapOmix is an innovation that allows you to :

  • Use the MixCaps sealed capsule pod for new markets
    • Cold drinks,
      • Cold preparations,
        • A combination of liquid, semi-liquid and powdered products



ArCapfi designs, develops, manufactures and markets packaging products which take the needs for the products, manufacturers and consumers into accounts.
The capsules-pods mixer and distributor seal opener is the result of its R&D.
ArCapfi develops partnership in B to B with the manufacturers interested by its products.